Why the logo can not be cheap?

MAY 01, 2017


Why the logo can not be cheap?

MAY 01, 2017

Creative Expert
Believe you  or not, but developing a logo is actually a job)))
We  don’t just "beat the keys" of our computers all day. Any design requires thinking, time and work, and we take our profession very seriously.

Yes, yes, before we started this activity, we learned it, got the necessary skills in the design programms. We studied marketing and branding and what does it mean visual identity of the brand. In addition, we constantly follow trends in design. We understand the value of our education, so we are constantly learning and improving our  skills in profession. Time and effort costs money. After all, you also need to have a good education in this field in order to have a good job. Acquired knowledge and skills add value to your work. Graphic designers are no exception. We did not start developing logos yesterday. Experience is power! and we have been doing this for more than 10 years! and it's saying something, right? 10 years is not so much as 20, but it's experience, and we deserve worthy compensation for it. 

The equipment and software we use also costs a lot of money

In the design industry, we, designers, have to adhere to modern technologies and software. If we charged less than you need to keep us financially afloat, we would be drowned and gone out of business.

Developing a logo is not as easy as you think.

Yes Yes. This takes a lot of time. We must first examine your company, your competition, your audience, to take brainstorm, generate ideas. Create sketches,  ideas for the logo, improve them, show them to you, get feedback, come back and change something, complete the logo design ... now you see that the process of developing a logo is quite extensive. And without knowing anything about your business, your audience or your competitors, it's impossible to make a worthy logo.

To develop a good logo, it takes more than a few hours

Yes Yes . The quality logo takes time. Usually, we spend 15 to 30 hours per logo design, which we do for the customer. Look at the steps described above to better understand what this time is taking. Now ask yourself how you would feel if someone offered you 30 euro for 20 hours of hard work. With all my experience and skills. Yes, yes ... We would also be offended))!

Everything is built on your logo

A logo is the basis of everything that your company does visually. There  is the cornerstone of your brand and personality. You really can not do anything without a specific logo.Well, you really can not have any of these things without having a logo: Business card, website of the company! Colors!  Every successful business uses effective branding to its advantage. It is statistically proved that the more a company invests in marketing, the higher the profitability of investments. Having a right and high-quality logo or an excellent design will allow your business to look better in the eyes of your audience. And this is perceived value. Of course, besides this, you must have a quality product.

Your logo is the first thing people see

You want to make a good first impression, do not you? Wrong! You want to make a great first impression! So why take the risk that someone looked at your logo, on the face of your company and twisted his face? Do not let your business be one of them. We firmly believe that if you are proud of your business, if you believe in your business and are willing to make initial investments, we almost guarantee that your business will be successful.

We are not just "developing a logo" - we are building relationships with the client.

In order to properly create a good logo, as a designer we need to know everything about your business and your audience - your hopes and fears, your dreams of a company where you see yourself in 5 years, etc. This takes time, energy and efforts. So, you see, this is not just a logo design. This is not just a commodity. This is a permanent relationship.

So what do you think?

Should the logos be cheap? Why is it so difficult for people to recognize the value of a good design?

Any questions?